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Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield “TPP Is Like A Hammer Over Our Heads!” Labor Says

New York, NY—Congress didn’t introduce a bill to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal before recess this week, but numerous labor leaders and New York’s Congressional delegation gathered at City Hall on Monday morning to say that the TPP should be derailed off the fast track!

The TPP is an enormous trade agreement that the White House is seeking to conclude with 11 other nations in the Asia-Pacific region and South America, as well as Canada and Mexico. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s website the TPP will unlock many economic opportunities for businesses and workers. A map of the United States allows viewers to select their state to see how the TPP would positively impact its economy. For example, the trade representative office claims that New York has a lot to gain from the TPP, such as increasing exports and sustaining thousands of jobs. Click here for full story.

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